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Touristic assistance

Touristic assistance in Timisoara

For businessmen or tourists in Timişoara, we organize visits to the main objectives of the city and its surroundings (Recaş, Arad, Buziaş, Muntele Mic, Lipova etc.). We present a synthetic perspective over the current general context (economical, political, social, cultural) in which our clients will perform their activity.

Touristic assistance in Romania

We believe to and want to provide our clients with a unique and authentic experience in discovering the Romanian civilization’s ancient traditions and also the most beautiful natural landscapes in a country that still retains areas unaffected by massive industrialization (Danube Delta, Sarmizegetusa, Bicaz Canyon etc.).


Touristic assistance in the world

For business or pleasure meetings, the presence of an interpreter speaking the language of the visited country is a guarantee for the success and quality of the actions undertaken. Our tour guides who speak fluently several languages and have a vast culture in history, traditions and posses updated information, will ensure you a better understanding and integration within the local context.